Turn On Your Energy

After decades of working with the electrical energy of clients I am happy to announce that I have organized scientific information for people to understand how much they are impacted by the flow of electrical energy in and around them.


On a daily basis I have used the energy from my hands to experience how people are primarily electrical fields of energy and are sensitive and responsive to this flow of electrical energy. Through new scientific instruments, studies, and research I am able to show how the electrical signals from your: thoughts, diet, exercise, relationships, and your connections with the earth, either constrict or expand the flow of electrical energy in and through you.

My interactions with the body’s electrical energy fields have made me passionate about sharing how, through the simple use of hands and intentions, a relaxed body can be created— therefore a greater flow of electrical energy and cellular communication is obtained throughout the body.

You can take control of your health.

This book will help you: Identify and use ideas, situations, strategies, and techniques that can increase your electrical flow of energy. And it will demonstrate ways in which thoughts, feelings, diet, exercise, social interactions, and even your home’s electricity, either stimulate or inhibit your flow of energy.

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Electrical Energy as Medicine


You are seeing the world only in its material form and you are ignoring the essential reality: that electrical energy, not matter, plays a major role in health and healing.

When you see your world as electrical fields of energy you realize that your world is something that resembles an ocean, filled with interpenetrating influences and invisible forces that enable you to take control of your health and well-being.

Since everything is energy, and energy creates, then the more energy you use, the more quickly and magnificently you will create. This site and my books explore the effects of realizing that more than 99 percent of what impacts you - you can't see. Yet you give 99 percent of your attention to less than the one percent you can see.

Consider that your cell phone is a wireless device that detects and converts energy and information into audible, visual and vibratory signals. Your electrical signals -- your thoughts, feelings, emotions, habits, exercise activity, and diet converts electrical energy in similar ways.

You can learn how to change your electrical fields of energy by changing how you feel about anything.


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An Electrical Planet

We Live on an Electrical Planet

Things and people appear to be physically separated from one another but we are electrically interconnected with each other and our world.

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About 100 lightning bolts strike the Earth's surface every second. That's about 8 million per day and 3 billion each year. As each of us are primarily electrical fields of energy we use this invisible electricity to interconnect us with everything on the planet. Scientists, in recent decades, have found that all cells in the body use electricity to “talk” to each other.

When you see the world only in its material form you are ignoring the essential reality: that everything you see, feel, hear, and touch gets translated into electrical signals which plays a major role in health and healing. We can see less than one percent of the electromagnetic spectrum and hear less than one percent of the acoustic spectrum that surrounds us.

Consider precognition — the foreknowledge of an event; or premonitions — a strong feeling that something is about to happen; or thinking of a person just before that person calls; you get the picture. According to one Cambridge study, more than 90 percent of the general population have experienced thinking of a person just before the call or knowing who was calling the moment the phone rings. We live in an Electrically Interactive and Super Conductive World (EISCW) that interconnects us.

Another example of connectedness is a phenomenon called “entanglement” or “nonlocality.” It happens when particles remain connected to each other, or entangled, even though they are moving away from each other at the speed of light. Nonlocality is not limited to atoms but can apply to humans as well. In my upcoming book, The Energy To Thrive, I provide many examples of how you live in an EISCW.

Science can now show that your interactions and connections to everyone or anything or even what you only visualize, can be measured. Your cells respond and change because of your electrical connections and interactions. For instance, mirror neurons provides a further example of our interconnectedness. Mirror neurons explain that when you watch somebody move, get hurt, or feel some strong emotion — a part of your brain that corresponds to the same movement or emotion lights up. This provides further explanations of how we live in an EISCW and has major implications and possibilities regarding what you choose to focus on and how to control your health and well-being.

You can easily sense how much you are primarily electrical fields of energy. When you focus on how you interact with others, smile, talk to a stranger, or take time to calm your mental chatter, you are nurturing and developing your abilities to connect with others.